Maintaining engagement with learning

There are many reasons why a student may not be attending full time

  • Health
  • Exclusion
  • Alternative Placement
  • Special Circumstances

Despite being separated from the school it is vital that the student remains fully connected to their learning.

WiderSchool allows school to create, manage and track individual plans.

Plans that help students to engage with learning wherever it takes place.

WiderSchool creates a live, real time link between school, student, the network of educational professionals and supporting family.

WiderSchool connects the 'Team around the Child' with the timetable of learning activities.

The school and support professionals have web and mobile access to the plan.

They can send work, update progress, communicate with each other, and share resources.

The school and support professionals can instantly update the family support network by Email or SMS about the students' progress.

The school decides which learning activities should be completed and where.

Students complete their learning activities adding comments and assignments, using a computer or mobile device.

The nominated professional is notified to provide feedback.


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