For schools with students who are not at school


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Timetable Easily create a timetable for learning activities to be completed wherever the student engages.
Always available Students and teachers can access their plans using smartphones, mobile devices, tablets or computers.
Record WiderSchool instantly records communication between professionals and other people involved with the student.
Reporting & evidence Full reports can be downloaded for reference when meeting with the student, family, professionals and other agencies. This evidences all communication and progress contained in the plan.
Family support Family members involved in supporting the student can also be included in WiderSchool. They can be instantly notified of progress and other information via SMS or email.
Teacher alerts Teachers are notified when an activity has been completed, wherever it has taken place. There's no need to constantly sign in to WiderSchool to see how the plan is progressing.
Feedback WiderSchool's feedback facility allows teachers to promptly respond to a student once an activity has been completed.
Calendar The timetable integrates with "cloud" calendars like Google's and Apple's calendars.
Cross-authority directory Teachers and supporting professionals can provide their own profile and contact details which is available to other professionals connected with the student.
Shared resources Resources including educational materials or documents about best practices can be shared between professionals in the WiderSchool system.
Notifications Professionals and family support are notified when a student does not complete the activities.
Timer Students have a timer to record the length of time it takes to complete a piece of work. This is saved in the plan.
Progress Students have a progress bar which displays how they are progressing over the week, with achievement trophies for good work.
Feedback report The student's feedback report gives access to the more detailed progress report.

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